Teaching Demonstrations and Professional Development Samples

Sociocultural Influences and the Classroom

This video recreates part of a guest lecture given to education majors in a course titled “Sociocultural Influences on Learning” at the University of Texas in the fall of 2022. 

Digital Teaching Demonstration

The video linked above is an example of an introductory visual analysis mini lesson used in the University of Kentucky's WRD 110 course.

Teaching Appalachian Students Intercultural Training Workshop

The following Nearpod activity was  created for a cultural linguistics course in spring 2022. This professional development session is directed toward teachers teaching in rural, Appalachian spaces.

AP District of the Year Video (Brief Interview/Teaching B-Roll)

This video is a College Board mini doc featuring Katy Independent School District’s District of the Year award ceremony and principal, teacher, and student interviews. Though I only appear briefly in the video (0:48-0:56 & 1:08-1:14), the video discusses the district I taught in for three years and the AP opportunities the district provides students.